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Taxi Boat Jaco to Montezuma

Taxi Boat Jaco to Montezuma

Taxi Boat Jaco to Montezuma

Taxi Boat from Jaco to Montezuma

Rate: $45 per person (luggage included)


Always the scenic and comfortable way to travel, this taxi boat service saves you both time and effort and gets you where you need to go. The trip between Jaco and Montezuma only takes an hour, during which you'll have the opportunity to look for dolphins, whales, manta rays and more. The boats land in Montezuma at Montezuma Beach and depart from Herradura Beach about 5 minutes drive north of Jaco.

The taxi boat leaves daily from Jaco (Playa Herradura) to Montezuma at 11:00 AM. The reverse trip, from Montezuma to Jaco (Playa Herradura) leaves at 9:30 AM. The standard taxi boats can accommodate 10 to 18 people. Additionally, there are private taxi boat services, which can accommodate up to 5 people, and are capable of leaving at the time of your choosing (however, no later than 3:30 PM, as it gets too dark to navigate through the water).

Other Notes:
This route is also very convenient if your final destination is Mal Pais - Santa Teresa since Montezuma is only 20 minutes away. We can also accommodate pick up from Manuel Antonio.

During high tide and challenging weather, it might be necessary to wait until the water is calmer. Also, there are some periods during the year that for safety reasons the departure location must be changed.


Item Package Intro

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Price: $45
  • Location: Jaco to Montezuma
Package Price: $45.00

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